Vapex Lipo/Life VTE600 Combo balance charger

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Vapex VTE600 LiFe & Lipo balanced 1 to 3 cell charger

Recommended for charging our 1000, 1600 & 2000 mAh Vapex LiFe batteries packs

  • Intelligent Li-Po / LiFe Balance Charger KIt UK Plug Vapextech
  • 6.6v to 11.1v Li-Po 110v-240v Mains UK Plug Supplied
  • This charger automatically detects and controls the voltage of each cell independently, this ensures a balanced voltage between cells. It can also repair cells with a low voltage.
  • Switch on side of charger switches from Li-Po to LiFe batteries.
  •  3 LED lights display charging process

Charge Times

  • 5000mAh packs - 500mins
  • 4000mAh packs - 420mins
  • 2250mAh packs - 240mins
  • 1300mAh packs - 150mins

This charger will keep Lipo/Life batteries in good condition as it balances cells independently.

Read instructions for safe use of charging & storage.

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Catherine Erine - Lausanne, Switzerland

Good charger

Good charger. Just lacks a little bit the instructions. For a 2 cell pack (the one used for DF65) use the charging input cable of the battery (with 3 wires: red, blue and black and white connector) and plug the red cable into the second pin from + (so that the black wire is the rightmost, connected to -). Maybe it is worth adding this information to the small info paper sent with the boat - for complete beginners of RC models.