Vapex - 4 AA "NiMH" 1.2v 2500ma batteries in plastic holder

Product code: VPH060
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Product information

Vapex AA 4 x Instant 1.2 volt 2500 mAh NiMh Rechargeable Batteries - Only for use with appropriate NiMH charger!! 

1 x Pack of 4 with case - Fits both the Joysway & FlySky radio transmitters

The batteries are supplied charged, so just use them straight after purchase. The LSD Vpaextech batteries discharge at a much slower rate than conventional NiMH batteries, so even a year after being charged there is still lots of the initial charge available. You get the benefits of traditional NiMH rechargeable batteries, without the drawbacks , you can still use a standard NiMH charger to charge them up again. So its like having a Alkaline battery that you can charge!

Nominal Voltage   1.2v                 
Max. Charged Voltage             1.5v
Normal Charge 500mA Approx 7.5 Hours
Fast Charge 2500mAh Approx 1.2 Hours
Rapid Charge 4000mAh Approx 45 mins
Capacity 2500mAh Discharged at 0.2c (500ma)
Minimal >2400mA 1.0v End discharge
Max dischage current 7.5 Amps
Life >1000 Cycles IEC Standard

Technical specifications

Brand Vapex
Code VPH060
Condition New
Weight 0.14kg


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