SpeedX bearing lubrication - 30ml

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SpeedX - Extreme pressure lubricant to protect your main boom bearings - 30ml

It is always recommended you clean your yacht after sailing with fresh water and leave to dry. Add SpeedX to the main boom bearings to prolong the life.

The ultimate extreme pressure lubricant with polar bonding capability - Provides the lowest coefficient of friction measurable on metal-to metal wear surface.

SpeedX thrives under heavy loads and high temperatures. Actually polar bonds to the metal surface and will not sling off. Penetrates into sealed bearings.

Oils normally used for lubrication are displaced by moisture and pressure so their effectiveness is diminished. Even under the best circumstances, they don’t last very long. Not so with SpeedX. It actually polar bonds to metal and hugs it like a magnet. SpeedX releases the surface tension of moisture, displaces it and maintains a fantastic lubricating capability.

Use SpeedX for remarkable lubrication of:

  • In-line Skates
  • Skateboards
  • Roller Skates
  • Bicycles Gears
  • Derailleurs
  • Chains and Bearings
  • Other Sports Equipment

“The lowest coefficient of friction ever measured on two metal-to-metal wear surfaces.”

SpeedX lubricates better than products with PTFE. It gives long-lasting, heat-resistant lubrication, decreases wear and extends the useful life of treated items. Skateboards, roller skates, chains and derailleurs operate smoother, quieter, with greater efficiency and last longer when treated with SpeedX.

Available in 30ml dropper bottle.

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