DragonFlite 95 rigs and sails buyer guide.

Fit all versions of the DF95 - Rig kits & sails are sold separately

Tools required: Sharp scissors and glue. 

Rigs kits: Include with all items required including booms, mast, fittings, cord & bowsies and fit all versions of the DF95 yachts. 

Rigs part built: As the rig kit but we construct the main/jib booms & part build the mast (as the A rig kit is supplied with the yacht package), ready for you to slot together.

Rig/sail options: The DF95 yacht package is supplied with the "A" rig/sails and class rules allow for a further 3 rigs/sails so as to be able to sail in different wind conditions. Rig sizes: The sail area size decreases from "A to D" (these figures are estimates & depend on local conditions). A: Light winds (up-to 12mph) B: Steady winds (up-to 18mph) C: A reasonable blow (up-to 24mph) D: A good blow. 

Sails: We give you the choice of Joysway sails and Sochsail. All the sails are made from Mylar cloth of different weights, corner reinforcements and battens.

Bespoke sails: We only supply plan sails without numbers applied (just a logistic and storage issue). For sails with the option of coloured itemising & numbers attached we recommend contacting one of the following sail makers - Links: Sochsails - Catsails - Housemartin Sails - Graphite Sails

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