DragonForce 65 Version 7 - Buyers guide

Joysway have just introduced the Version 7 with the upgraded boat stand and the new digital winch with improved performance, more torque and accurate end points for sail control. 

What's in the box:  All the electrics (servos & switch), bumper, fin-box & deck fitting are all installed - fin, ballast & rudder just slot in - The supplied "A" carbon rig is part complete ready to slot together & attach the new Mylar sails & sheeting - stand and hex spanners are also supplied. Complete the build with the comprehensive building instructions and tuning guide by John Tushingham. Plus: We also provide an extension lead and Velcro strip to position the batteries beside the fin box.

What's required: A suitable radio system & batteries. We can supply the yacht package with or without the radio system and rechargeable battery package - we install the radio system & battery package if purchased with the yacht.

Building time: It has been stated the build time is a couple of hours - this is correct for a experienced builder but will take longer for a novice.

Tools required: Glue to construct the rig - sharp scissors/modelling knife to cut the cord - (Hex spanners are supplied). 

Radio equipment: We recommend a 2.4 gHz radio system that will automatically find a operating frequency that is not in use - With "End Point Adjustment" so you can adjust the rudder servo movement and sail winch travel - Trim buttons to adjust yacht tuning whilst on the water. Both our sets are compatible with the yacht.

Joysway J4C05 2.4 gHz Radio System: An easier set to operate with channel reverse, trim buttons, mechanical end point adjustment with the supplied plastic tool.

FlySky FS-i6 2.4 gHz Radio System: A more of a computerised set that adjustments are made with buttons though the screen - Channel reverse, end point adjustment and trim buttons - Plus: 20 model memories with separate receivers, telemetry that indicates the condition of the boat batteries on the transmitter and upgraded hard cased twin aerial receiver.  

Boat Batteries: You can use the supplied AA battery holder (batteries not supplied) but we recommend using one of our rechargeable packages that are designed for the yacht using the correct voltage and installed beside the fin box. We install the receivers on the tray where the batteries would normally be positioned - safer and dryer.

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