DF65 V6/7 Hull/deck decals - colour  choice

DF65 V6/7 Hull/deck decals - colour choice

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DragonForce 65 - SochSails full hull and deck vinyl decals - choice of colours.
Instructions from SochSails:
  • About half an hour A cup of tea or coffee, or if doing this after midday you might like a beer
  • Some water mixed with washing up liquid
  • Credit card or similar
  • Some paper towels
  • A sharp craft knife or pair of scissors
  • A steady pair of hands, refer to drinks choice above 
1. Make sure that all the hull and deck are really really clean, free of dust and dirt. If you are applying these to a later model boat with the removable Dragonforce decals you can choose to either remove them or leave them in place, our preference is to remove them and clean off any excess glue so the area is super clean!
2. Mix up some washing up liquid solution and apply to the deck first.
3. Remove the deck sticker from the backing and be aware that it will have a lot of static cling and will want to stick to your arm, the table, sofa, carpet etc
4. We find it easier to float the sticker onto the deck using the jib deck eye cutout and the jib sheeting cutouts as guides.
5. Line everything up and apply a little pressure then take a bit of kitchen roll and your credit card and squeeze all the water and air out from under the sticker, be careful not to snag the sticker where it is thin around the battery hatch etc. It is easiest to squeeze the water out from the centre of the deck towards the deck edge.
6. Where the deck sticker is thin around the battery hatch you can choose to trim this section off once you have applied the sticker as it has, on occasion, lifted when the battery patch has been removed, alternatively you can leave it in place and be very careful with your battery patch and trim if required at a later date.
7. Once you are happy with the deck repeat the same process for the hull topside stickers.
8. Leave the whole lot overnight so any remaining water can dry and the sticker can stick properly.
9. Sit back and admire your work with your choice of drink ! 
Thanks for purchasing these stickers I hope you like them! The chances are that you are a bloke and you really don’t need to read these instructions however if you think of them more as “really useful tips” for applying your sticker set then you might be more inclined to read them!
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