Totally DF Racing: RCY is part of the team that conceived and developed DF yachts and work directly with Joysway. UK/Europe's largest DF65/95 stock of all the latest yachts/spares and with the knowledge base for total product support. 

New and available now at RCY...

DF65/95 upgraded digital winch servo - Latest version DragonForce 65 V7 and DragonFlite 95 V2

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Small Boats... Big Thrills!
To sail to race: Both the Dragonforce 65 and Dragonflite 95 yachts have been developed for racing, so not only do they look good, they also have excellent sailing performance. The radio system controls the rudder and sails and with the carbon mast and booms there is less rigging. With 11 tuning adjustments allowing you to alter the sail shape to obtain a balanced performance both up and down wind. 

Join over 40,000 skippers worldwide sailing and racing DF65 and DF95 yachts.

May the Force (& Flite) be with you...