DragonFlite 95 Yachts

Everything is in the box:  It takes a couple of hours to complete the construction with the comprehensive instructions. Yacht is completed with servos fitted - fin, ballast & rudder just slot in - The supplied "A" carbon rig is part completed ready to attach the sails & sheeting - stand supplied. Requires radio set & batteries 

Radio set & batteries: We give you a choice of radio sets & also a rechargeable battery package - all installed if purchased with the yacht.

Rigs & Sails:  The yacht comes with the "A" rig & Mylar sails - We can also supply all the different size rigs on our rig & sail page - Rigs & Sails Page

With RC Yachts you can buy with confidence: We are part of the team that conceived & developed the DF65 & DF95 with Joysway. Informed advice, spares & accessories - we fully support the "DF Racing" products. 

For more information on "DF Racing" please go to these dedicated websites - 
Information Site - UK Association Site
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