DragonFlite 95 (no radio) with part built "A-B" rigs & sails

DragonFlite 95 - complete yacht with "A" rig & sails (no radio)- plus with this package we also supply "B" part complete rig & SochSails

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Following in the successful wake of the DragonForce 65 RC yacht, Joysway have now released a 950mm version "DragonFlite 95" or DF95 for short. After rigorous performance and functionality testing, this collaboration has produced a truly well balanced and near perfect handling radio controlled yacht. 
The DragonFlite 95 is constructed of several cutting edge components and composite materials not found in similar priced RC yachts produced by any other manufacturer. With carbon fibre keel fin, advanced design keel bulb, shroudless keel step, one piece carbon mast and mylar sails this all new racer has the kind of light wind performance most other radio yachts can only dream of. 

Its lightweight and long, narrow hull would normally mean an inability to perform in strong winds, however this has been countered by designing low aspect, lightweight rigs with careful sail plan development to ensure awesome handling and balance. Even when the boat is overpowered it still remains easily controllable to windward and always has astonishing speed downwind with almost no tendency to ‘nosedive’. 

Size and design performance

The DragonFlite 95 has been designed to be a convenient and reasonably compact size RC boat that makes transport and set up a breeze. This product is the Plug-and-Play model, requiring a transmitter, receiver and AA batteries to be installed to get started. 

Specifications and features

  • Length: 955mm
  • Beam: 130mm
  • Mast height: 1000m
  • Overall height: 1425mm
  • RTR total weight: 2000g (excluding 4 AA batteries)
  • Hull material: ABS plastic
  • Hull with graphics and finished assembly
  • Installed electronics, running rigging, and pre-installed spar fittings
  • 4.8 - 6v high torque sail servo and metal gear rudder servo
  • Battery box and on/off switch for receiver
  • Zinc alloy ballast, designed with latest optimal bulb shape and flat tail
  • Advanced design stiff carbon fibre keel fin, with machine milled fittings
  • Plastic display stand 

    Requirements (not included)

  • Radio Set & Batteries
Brand Joysway
Code 8811BS
Weight 4kg

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